Our Mission or Core Purpose is:

To create an environment that positively encourages everyone to maximise their potential.


To achieve this purpose we adhere to certain core values. As such, dBs Music is:

Dedicated to excellence and innovation

Driven by a passion for creativity

Supporting success


So what does all of that mean to you, as a potential student?

dBs music will provide you with the opportunities you need to maximise your potential. If you study at dBs with a strong commitment to your learning then you will leave with a great CV. Not only will you have acquired in-depth skills on the best, industry-standard equipment, and have a great 'Education' section to your CV but with your commitment you will also leave with practical real-world experience on there too. Not dummy situations set-up in a classroom to mimic real world situations but actual real world sessions of work.

Studying at dBs Music is hard work! However, with a passion for audio, sound and music and a desire to achieve, alongside the exceptional support we give to our students, you will succeed. We are a company dedicated to sound and audio, everyone who studies and works at the company shares this in common. This leads to an incredibly exciting creative environment!


A Brief History

dBs Music started life in 1998 with the aim of readdressing the way music technology training was taught at the time.

Having 20 students crammed around a desk desperately struggling to see what was going on was par for the course then and still happens today in many institutions. Further, not being able to book studios or have any time alone on equipment to hone skills was, and still is, commonplace. Indeed, even today we are consistently shocked by stories of colleges and Universities either having very little equipment at all or having some equipment that the students rarely get to use. We went about building a facility that was capable of small group working and where bookable time would always be available. We have carried on that philosophy throughout our development!

In 2011, after years of planning, we finally opened our second centre in Cornwall and in 2012, our third in Bristol, both of which have proved to be very successful. Then in 2013 we developed our first venture overseas with a new centre in Berlin all of which means that today we help to educate over 1500 students a year.

All of the dBs centres are based on the principles of providing the very best, knowledgeable tutors working in superb facilities with plenty of bookable time available to our students. This is essential for skills development and to provide you the opportunities necessary to get out into the world and make a living in a subject you love. We pride ourselves on providing an extremely high level of support to all of our students.

We continue to be extremely excited by new developments at the company and are constantly attempting to better what we have done before. We never stop learning from the students, from staff and from the industry at large as to what it is that goes into making a great centre of learning and we continue to strive to apply all previous lessons learnt to our future plans.


Nigel Burt

Managing Director of dBs Music