What is a memorable musical memory from your childhood?

Seeing Pantera on their Far Beyond Driven tour! The first time I experienced kick drums which blew my t-shirt up to my neck.

What was your most embarrassing music-related moment? 

DJ'ing to get free entry to my graduation ball but managing to be a sobbing drunk with sick on his suit before playing.

What three albums would you take to a desert island (and those you'd really take, not those that'll impress the readers!)? 

Jean Michel Jarre - Equinoxe;

Rage Against The Machine - Self titled;

Boards of Canada - Music has the right to children.

What would your super power be? 

X-ray vision.

What pop legend would you dress up as for a party? 

Dimebag Darrell.

Music software, what's your weapon of choice? 

Ableton Live.

What's your fave piece of music tech hardware?

Generic 8250's and 7260a Sub. 

What are you most proud of? 

Being a dad and also making use of all the weird vocal noises I've picked up over the years for free children's entertainment.

What are your three favourite music tech techniques? 

  • Deleting song parts.
  • Slip-editing.
  • Deleting more parts.

What is your favourite thing about dBs? 

A great choice of gear and tech support that keeps it going.

If you could go back in time, where would you go? 

Woodstock, ver 1.

What single thing would improve the quality of your life?



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