What is a memorable musical memory from your childhood?

I remember being quite disturbed by the song 'Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep' by Middle of the Road, if you imagine yourself as a four year old child and take the lyrics literally, it's frightening!

What was your most embarrassing music-related moment? 

My first meeting with a major label A&R man, he said he wanted to sign me and I asked if I could take the contract home with me to have a look through it before I signed it! He said that it would need to be written bespoke and I'd need to appoint a solicitor to read through it! Until that point all my contracts has been with indie labels, you were lucky to get a contract on a piece of A4 with them.

What three albums would you take to a desert island (and those you'd really take, not those that'll impress the readers!)? 

KLF - Chill out;
J-Dilla - Donuts;
The Beatles - The Beatles (The White Album).

What would your super power be? 

Laser beam eyes?

What pop legend would you dress up as for a party? 

Phil Curtis.

Music software, what's your weapon of choice? 


What's your fave piece of music tech hardware?

Roland Juno 106.

What are you most proud of? 

Tough one that - I'm proud of all the projects I have been serious about have paid off commercially... Musically, again, it's tough, I think getting stuff played on radio 1 was pretty cool, and being involved in a double platinum album also makes me proud that I achieved something worthy! It's hard, I don't stop to look at my previous stuff - you are only as good as your last hit, as the old adage goes!

What are your three favourite music tech techniques? 

  • Reversed reverb.
  • Overdrive and soft clip.
  • Layering, layering, layering!

What is your favourite thing about dBs? 

The Potential.

If you could go back in time, where would you go? 

10 minutes ago... I would've drank my coffee because it has gone cold during this interview.

What single thing would improve the quality of your life?

An end to capitalism and more money.